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Community Data Service

Our community data service is designed to empower community development. By facilitating efficient asset-based community engagement and collaboration with the creation of clear narratives describing social impact and value, we establish a basis for enhancing the delivery of positive social change.

Foster better connections, engagements and collaborations

 As a nation of innovators, thousands of voluntary community organisations, charities, social enterprises, and businesses are founded by local people striving to build a better future. By leveraging our community intelligence services, we help these capable resources connect, engage, and collaborate to achieve more significant outcomes.

Measure Social Impact and Value

Social progress cannot wait for economic growth nor be solely measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We need new metrics for social impact and value to better understand sustainable and quality living.

With over 1,000 social and economic impact measures, we have the opportunity to redefine what living well means. Our goal is to make these community intelligence measures the default standard for progress.

build narratives All About the Place

We understand that gaining support for new and innovative methods relies on clearly communicating the social impact, value, and sustainable change they bring about.


Partnering with you and your project, we leverage our information resources to create a compelling community intelligence based narrative that advocates for community-led or place-based approaches in driving social change and service delivery restructuring.

Community Services Data Set

6 Million UK Community Assets

Enabling the broadest levels of engagement and collaboration

1,000 Social Impact / Value Measures

A new way to understandign social impact and value

Place Data For The Whole UK

Voluntary Community, Social Enterprise, Business and Public Sector

Bespoke Data And Service

Tailorable for any place, theme, or requirement for maximum benefit.

What to know more about how we can help?

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