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Community Development Methods

Innovative and game changing delivery models and frameworks for community development and placemaking. Providing a transformative approach that democratises participation and fosters equitable partnerships between individuals, organisations, and businesses, to establish a solid foundation for impactful social change collaborations.

Helping Maximise Engagement, Collaboration, and Participation

We understand that addressing today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges demands innovative approaches and frameworks.

Community Co-design

Facilitated Co-production

Co-producing social, economic, and ecological transformations through participatory and collaborative community development and placemaking with diverse stakeholders is essential. We facilitate this shift by demonstrating the context, value, and impact that can be achieved when everyone aligns with a shared vision.


Working Partnerships

Cooperative structures are ideal for community development and placemaking. When implemented effectively, they enable a participatory approach that prioritises members' welfare, fosters community wealth building, and equitable distribution of benefits. We are dedicated to making this opportunity a reality.

Community Participation

Equitable Participation

The potential for social change is significantly enhanced when all voices are heard in decision-making. We assist initiatives in establishing a Sociocracy-based model that values every member's input, ensures equal participation, and fosters continuous improvement, leading to more sustainable solutions.

Placemaking done resiliently and sustainably

A Three Phase Methodology

Our three-phase methodology treats community development and placemaking as a continuous, dynamic cycle of building capabilities to meet community needs, experiencing these capabilities in action, and adapting to emerging opportunities. This approach empowers communities to engage in continual improvement and evolution.
  • Generating

    Focuses on establishing robust connections, fostering engagement, and promoting community participation. The primary objective is to ensure early involvement in the co-design process.

  • Making

    Involves the execution of the delivery plan, formally uniting all participants under a structured governance arrangement. This framework facilitates engagement and collaboration, channelling the necessary resources to advance project delivery effectively.

  • Keeping

    Manages the transition into a 'business as usual' state, ensuring sustained capability within the community. The goal is to empower community development to continually evolve and respond to emerging opportunities.

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