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Agency for social change

Across the UK, countless charities, voluntary communities, and social enterprises have been established by inspiring people who identify community development opportunities and take action. All About The Place is committed to empowering these social innovations to amplify their positive impacts and help them achieve even greater good.

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Making the Case for Change

We provide essential information and insights to more effectively showcase the compelling appeal of the community development opportunity.

Identifying Resources and Partners

We help social projects and initiatives to connect with local support and resources that can aid delivery.

Quantifying Social Value/Impact

We assisting community projects and services in telling their social value and impact story.

Accessing Tech 4 'More' Good

We help community innovators to leverage digital solutions to enhance connection, engagement, and collaboration.

Engaging and Working Collaboratively

We provide structure to facilitate effective community development collaboration among organisations, partners, and agencies.

Creating the Space for Participation

We help to foster a community development environment that supports equality in participation and decision-making.

Innovative approach to
Enhancing your success
The cornerstone of community development is proximity. Our facilitating connections between those with the skills, capability, and resources and the areas where change is most needed, helps create a stronger foundation for sustainable and enduring success.
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