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Rebuilding Together has declared National Rebuilding Day to be held the last Saturday in April

The Challenge of Securing Land Leases and Planning Permission for Non-Profit Place Regeneration Projects

Non-profit organisations are vital in place regeneration projects aiming to revitalise and improve underused or neglected areas. These projects often bring significant social, environmental, and economic benefits to communities. However, non-profits frequently face substantial challenges accessing land leases necessary for these initiatives. A primary obstacle is the prolonged delay in local authority decision-making on land lease tenders and planning permissions.

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Giving tuesday. Charity, help and donation concept.

The Need for More Philanthropic Funding for Social Enterprise Startups

Starting a new venture requires substantial investment, whether a commercial business or a non-profit social enterprise. However, the pathways to securing this investment differ significantly between these entities. In the UK, commercial companies often have access to various early-stage seed funding options, while non-profit social enterprises typically face more significant challenges in securing similar financial support. This article explores these

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The Benefits of Renationalising Utilities through Cooperative and Public Consumer-Based Membership Models

The debate over the renationalisation of utilities such as water companies has gained momentum in recent years. Advocates argue that bringing these essential services back under public ownership can lead to better outcomes for consumers, the environment, and the economy. One innovative approach to renationalisation is adopting cooperative and public consumer-based membership business models. This model not only aligns the

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Coin Street on the south bank of the Thames

Coin Street: A Beacon of Social Housing and Enterprise in Central London

Nestled in the heart of London, where towering skyscrapers and luxurious developments symbolise wealth and affluence, Coin Street is a remarkable example of how social housing and enterprise can thrive amidst an environment primarily driven by wealth creation. Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) has transformed this area into a vibrant, inclusive community, demonstrating that sustainable living and social equality are

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Embracing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Standards: The Path to Sustainable Business Success

In recent years, businesses worldwide have increasingly recognised the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in driving long-term value creation and sustainable growth. ESG considerations include climate change, diversity and inclusion, labour practices, corporate governance, and ethical business conduct. As stakeholders increasingly demand greater accountability, transparency, and responsibility from corporations, embracing ESG principles presents a significant opportunity for

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Sociocracy In Collaborative Community Development And Placemaking Projects

Introduction to Sociocracy The need for effective governance in collaborative projects, especially those focused on placemaking, cannot be overstated. Sociocracy is emerging as a new project governance method due to its emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and adaptability. Unlike traditional top-down approaches to project governance, sociocracy promotes distributed decision-making and self-organisation, empowering teams to decide collectively based on consent rather than

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