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Grateful for Living in a Benevolent Society

Grateful for Living in a Benevolent Society

It’s easy, yet disheartening, to view humanity as indifferent, driven mainly by a thirst for wealth and power, leaving those disadvantaged without hope or means to improve their lot. This perspective, however, doesn’t capture the whole essence of our world.

In my journey through the non-profit sector, I am always profoundly moved by the realisation that millions of people, not just in the UK but globally, extend their support and care to others, often to strangers. This experience has taught me that our willingness to prioritise the needs of others is not just a trait but a defining characteristic of our societies, evidenced by the countless social enterprises, charities, and community groups supported by millions of volunteers dedicated to uplifting others.

Unfortunately, the incredible impact of these organisations and their volunteers doesn’t make headlines as often as it should. More effort goes into the actual work than into broadcasting it. Yet, it’s crucial to acknowledge and thank those in the non-profit and public sectors who, despite resource constraints and challenges, strive daily to improve lives.

As we face increasingly tough times, with many struggling and some tragically lost to dire circumstances, it’s essential to remember that the majority of people care about and fight for equality, inclusion, and fairness. Their efforts will help us through these challenging times and ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

Let’s hold onto love and gratitude for everyone involved in this noble cause.

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